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Ruby K. (Oakton HS, 2023) Ringling College of Art and Design


  • School of Visual Arts (SVA) - Animation, scholarship $64,000.00

  • The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) - Animation, scholarship $40,000.00

  • Ringling College of Art and Design - Computer Animation, scholarship $40,000.00

  • Pratt Institute - 2D Animation, scholarship $100,000.00

  • Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) - Fine Art, scholarship $80,000.00

  • ArtCenter College of Design- Entertainment Design

  • Otis College of Art and Design - Animation, scholarship $92,000

1. How do you feel about your college acceptance? Very exciting and rewarding! To be honest, I was a bit taken aback by how the results came back with great success that followed up with lots of scholarships. I'm relieved that the hard work has paid off well. The acceptances have helped me grow more confident in my skills and encouraged me to continue my pursuit of becoming an animator.

2. When did you start the portfolio class, and how did you prepare your portfolio? Well, I started when I was in 8th grade. But I did continue coming here when it was still Open Studio, which was before NYSA. I prepared my portfolio by following a set schedule and ensured that I could finish my work on time, every year. During my junior and senior years, however, I had to be more flexible with my time so that I could crank out more pieces as efficiently and best as possible. I've tried to explore other classes to secure the content I needed for my portfolio by joining the sketchbook and digital class, which served as informative experiences on what it means to draw effectively in those mediums. I also learned that making time to continue my work at home played a huge factor in finishing my assignments as well.

3. Who is your favorite artist? How does he/she inspire you? The one that pops up in my head is Posuka Demizu, a manga illustrator that had caught my attention for her unique style and dynamic composition in her artworks. I am inspired by her because of those same reasons as well. If I were to be specific, how she draws hands and dramatic perspective in her illustrations motivated me to push myself in drawing more dynamic and visually striking structures.

4. What is your favorite artwork that you made? That's quite a challenging question. However, if I had to choose one, it'd be the pattern pottery painting. That piece was one of the works that I had fun creating because I could choose my own patterns and explore an abstract style that stood out from the rest of my more 'realistic' works. If it isn't strictly just still artwork, I'd probably choose my charcoal animation. I still consider that piece my biggest milestone in handling traditional animation. Considering the hours and creative thought I had to put in, making this animation provided me with an invaluable lesson in artistic endurance and technical planning as I kept in mind the advantages that charcoal can bring.

5. Tell us your thoughts about the NYSA! I can't thank my teachers enough for helping me create an efficient portfolio and improve my skills as an artist. They played a crucial part in my life in helping me move forward in reaching my dreams of being part of the animation industry, and I highly recommend others to sign up for the program as soon as possible if they want to learn the hardships and necessary lessons of what it means to work as a professional artist.

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