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Art Foundation

The Art Foundation Program offers a studio-based, rigorous intellectual education in the core concepts of art and design. Students are exposed to a wide range of ideas and concepts in this program, preparing them for a variety of fields. Foundational art deepens one's abilities, powers of observation, and intellectual nimbleness. The expectation for students should be that they will be pushed and encouraged to try new things.

Drawing 1

-Portfolio Prep

Students will explore representation of form, practice different application in line, value, texture, and composition with a variety of drawing materials and techniques.

Drawing 2

-Portfolio Prep

In this class, students will combine the fundamental practice of observational drawing with conceptual ideas and critical thinking for making portfolio work.

Painting 1

-Portfolio Prep

This course introduces students to the basic principles and techniques of painting. Through a wide range of experiences, students learn about painting tools, basic color-mixing, composition, form, and spatial relationships. Students also engage with a variety of subjects ranging from still-life, interiors, abstraction, self portraits and the figure

Painting 2

-Portfolio Prep

This course delves deeper into the fundamentals of painting in a more nuanced and particular manner. With a continued emphasis on process, students explore a range of materials and techniques, gaining a deeper understanding of the tools of painting, color mixing, pigments, varied surfaces, supports and substrates, and the technical challenges of painting in oil or acrylic. Through projects such as still life, landscape, the figure, abstraction and conceptual concerns, students develop personal approaches that enhance their formal and individual growth as artists.


-Portfolio Prep

Focus students' interests, refine skills, and learn to create a compelling and personally meaningful body of work. In- class exercises and individual assignments will act as the catalyst for students to discover point of view through art practice.

Drawing Book

-Portfolio Prep

The Portfolio-Drawing Book course is a short thirty-minute class where students are given weekly sketchbook assignments that the instructor specifically picks out to help students’ sketchbooks to excel above others. The class heavily depends on the students' work from home and is mandatory for most colleges.


Student Work Gallery

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