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Concept Art

Concept art is a crucial step in the creative process, helping to visualize ideas, characters, scenes, and aesthetics before actual production begins. It involves creating visual representations of concepts that serve as a foundation and reference throughout the design and development phase.

Concept Art 1
Photorealism and Efficiency

This class teaches photorealistic painting and illustration, photobashing, and advanced photoshop techniques. Students learn what concept art is, working efficiently, and rapid design iteration.


Prerequisites: Digital Illustration 1-3


Software: Adobe Photoshop

Concept Art 2
Intro to Blender for Concept Art

This course will focus on learning and studying design principles and applying them to a project. Students will be pushed to make multiple iterations on their design and have an idea of the entertainment industry expectation. Students will create a functional prop design intended for film or games by the end of the course.There will also be some basic 3D techniques covered in Blender but it will not be the focus of the class.


Prerequisite: Concept Art 1


Software: Blender, Adobe Photoshop

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