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International Portfolio Camp

ISA’s International Portfolio Camp is a focused program that helps students complete their professional quality portfolios in six weeks. Our program has been specifically designed to ensure admission into prestigious art colleges. We only offer small group classes with individually designed portfolio curricula, spreading our expertise with one-on-one instruction.

International Portfolio Camp

Distinguished Instructors

ISA’s portfolio camp invites six different professors from top art colleges each week for a unique experience. Our unparalleled faculty members are active professors and portfolio reviewers from RISD, SAIC, Pratt, MICA, Brown University, etc.

Personal Drawing Book

The Personal Drawing Book is a student’s artistic diary and the critical factor in determining admission into the art school of their dreams. The Drawing Book is a powerful tool because it captures the evolution of the student’s work and provides a window into his/her unique creative thought process and artistic curiosity.

Presentations & Critiques

ISA holds college-level presentation and critique sessions. Aspiring artists learn to present logically and defend their work during our program and have an opportunity to preview real college critique sessions under the guidance of current college professors.

Essay Service

ISA’s Portfolio Camp also provides essay support. Admissions essays are just as important as portfolios for art colleges. Our instructors teach students how to capture his/her artistic motivations, philosophies, processes, visions, and struggles through written word.

1:1 Director Consulting

Each student receives personal and detailed guidance from ISA Directors throughout the six-week program. ISA Directors are graduates of renowned art colleges and use their firsthand knowledge to advise each student on his/her individual works, major or concentration, and admissions. Every portfolio is completed under our Director’s careful and personalized guidance.

Professional Photo Shooting & Editing

Professional photographers record all artwork (paintings, sculptures, installations, and other mediums and genres) completed for your portfolio during the program. Each session is conducted under careful direction from our instructors. The photographs are then expertly edited, retouched, and remastered to create a first-class portfolio to showcase your finest masterpieces. 

College Application Premium Service (CAPS)

ISA’s CAPS provides start-to-finish services for the college admissions process. Our program not only helps create portfolios, but we oversee every aspect of the application process including admissions consulting, professional photography for artworks, essay support, and application aid. We provide continued support until the day you receive your acceptance letter.

Portfolio Admissions Review

ISA invites current portfolio admission officers from top art colleges and conduct special review sessions for our students. These sessions help to increase each student’s chances of entry and receiving scholarships from prestigious art colleges.

Professor Recommendation Letters

Letters of recommendation are influential for college admissions. Students have the opportunity to receive personalized recommendation letters from active professors from the best art colleges. A personalized letter from a current professor of a top university can influence your admissions into your dream school.

Lodging Service

ISA handpicks comfortable lodging and catered meals, so students can focus solely on their art during the camp. The ISA care team will oversee the safety and comfort of each student from the first day of camp to their last.


Meet the Head Director

KJ Lee

KJ Lee is an artist and educator with more than twenty years of teaching experience. She is currently a Ph.D candidate in Art Education at the Virginia Commonwealth University. She has also received an MFA in Painting from the School of Art Institute of Chicago (SIAC), where she currently serves as an admission portfolio reviewer.

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