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3D Game Design

3D Game Design is a course focused on not only giving students the skills they need to be a valuable member of a video game pipeline, but also giving them the skills required to create, package, and sell games that they make completely by themselves.
This course teaches the fundamentals in a variety of 3-dimensional genres.

Intro to 3D Game Design
Learning Unreal Engine 5

3D Game Design 1 teaches software tools, basic game formats, building mood, and the impact of storytelling. Students will block out their games, add a start and end screen, and add animations, and textures. They will also learn digital character sculpting in ZBrush for 3D Game Design 2.

Prerequisite: Digital Illustration 1-3

Software: Sculptris, and Zbrush, and Unreal Engine 5

Advanced 3D Game Design
Completing your Games

3D Game Design - Advanced teaches the importance of team participation, player
feedback/playtesting, constructing mechanics, importing 3D models, and
finishing/packaging a game. Students will be able to import their previous 3D models into Unreal as characters. They can also add 2D art assets from Photoshop or previous classes.


Prerequisite: Intro to 3D Game Design

Software: Zbrush, Unreal Engine 5

Hardware: Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet

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